Michelle Poole

coffee . communication . code

Where have you gone, you tiny thing?
You're lost somewhere within the lines
Of numbers, booleans, and strings
Hidden within this coded shrine

I've traced over your path once more
In hopes of finding where you've gone
But though I've often done this chore
Tonight it's left me worn and drawn

My code is broken, nothing works
I hate this whole blasted career
This thing is driving me berserk
And where it's gone is still unclear

But mark my words, I'll win this fight
One punctuation mark will not
By it's omission be the blight
Of this expression of my thoughts

...oh shit, hold on, I think I've found
The space which suffers for your lack
The king of coding has been crowned!
And now, with that, I'll hit the sack

Smoother than honey is my code
I love this job, I love my life
It works, thank god, and every road
That lies ahead is free of strife

Never again will I despair
Because of such a small mistake
Unless - come on, it's so unfair!
My code, my heart; once more, both break